Lawn Care

Lawn Fertilization and Weed Control

$52 average cost

Each treatment includes the highest grade fertilizers and broadleaf weed controls designed to improve your lawn's health and vigor. Our fertilizers are designed and mixed specifically to meet Colorado Springs and the Tri Lakes growing needs and environmental conditions. We also inspect the lawn for disease and insect problems each time we are on your property. Insect control up to one thousand square feet is included in the application price. We will leave you detailed watering and mowing instructions with other tips and advice each time we treat your property. We guarantee your satisfaction for thirty days or we will retreat at no charge. We also provide organic programs upon request.

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Broadleaf Weed Control Only

$45 average cost

This application is specifically targeted for broadleaf weeds in our Colorado Springs and Tri Lakes areas. The treatment type and application methods depend on the type of broadleaf weeds that are in your lawn and also the time of year. Keep in mind that this treatment is included with the lawn fertilization and weed control. Dandelion (picture) infestations are the most common complaint we see from new customers.

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Grassy Weed Control

$55 average cost

Problem grasses such as Crabgrass and Poa Annua are controlled as the seedlings begin to germinate. We monitor soil temperatures in our Colorado Springs and Tri Lakes landscapes and use other methods to assure proper timing of the application of these treatments. We do offer post emergent treatments for certain types of grassy weeds which are included in this price. The picture to the right is Poa Annua.

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Insect Control

$55 average cost

This treatment is designed to control both surface and subsurface turf damaging insects that feed on the blades and roots of your lawn in the Colorado Springs and Tri Lakes landscapes. Different varieties of grass are susceptible to different insects. Control is applied selectively and preventatively prior to or when the insects reach turf damaging levels. We follow all IPM (Integrated Pest Management) guidelines. Even though you notice insects, your lawn may not necessarily need treatment. If the insects are not at a level that could possibly damage your lawn, then the best option is to monitor your property. Call our office and we can stop by and take a look at your lawn to see what needs to be addressed. Spider mites and Banks grass mites are the two most common insects we treat. This picture illustrates common mite damage.

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Disease Control

$78 average cost

Fungicides may be required when certain weather conditions, soil conditions and cultural practices favor the development of damaging fungi. The two most common lawn diseases we deal with are Necrotic Ring Spot (Picture) and Ascochyta Leaf Blight. Some diseases will take longer periods of time to control depending upon the severity of damage and type of disease. Some require only one application a year while others require three applications a year.

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$45 average cost

Aeartion is strongly recommended each year because of our compacted soils in the Colorado Springs and Tri Lakes area. This process creates channels in your lawn that allow air, moisture and nutrients to enter the soil and promote plant growth. The "plugs" that are left on your lawn are another valuable source. The plugs contain microorganisms that feed upon and help reduce your lawn's thatch layer.

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Seeding with Aeration

$65 average cost

Seeding combined with aeration is recommended to fill in bare areas or to thicken the density of your lawn. Even if you have a thick, weed free lawn, it's important to overseed every few years. Your lawn is just like any other plant in your landscape. Once it starts to decline from age, you will start to see other issues such as disease and insect problems more prominent. By seeding you reestablish a healthier environment. The aeration holes create a "Greenhouse" effect. The seeds fall into the holes and are a perfect environment for the new seed to germinate.

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Vegetation Control

$145 average cost

We apply both pre emergents and post emergents to control seeds from germinating, and established weeds and grass from spreading. This treatment is applied to non turf areas such as flower beds, mulch beds, rock beds and cracks in your driveway. These products will not harm existing plants when applied by a licensed professional. We guarantee this application for 120 days. If any weeds or grass return in that time frame, we will return and retreat those areas at no charge. After the 120 day grace period, we charge for a spot treatment which normally runs around $45.00.

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Wetting Agents

$98 average cost

The majority of our soils in Colorado Springs and the Tri Lakes area are hydrophobic ( water repelling). These soils have a water repelling organic coating that has formed on the soil particles. The only option is to reverse the soil particles to become Hydrophilic ( water loving). Wetting agents reverse the soil particles so when you do water the treated areas, your lawn soaks up to three times the moisture. This means a lower water bill and a healthier lawn.
More about surfactants

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Humates / Humic Acid

$55.00 average cost

Success in our landscapes comes down to one very important aspect, Soil!

A plants ability not only to survive but thrive comes down to moisture, nutrition and environment. In our Colorado Springs lawns we have not been blessed with the best of soils. Our soils tend to be either clay or sand, alkali and low organic matter, thus allowing little moisture and nutrient holding capacity and very poor nutrient uptake.

There is one product that drastically helps correct most of the shortcomings of our native soils. Humates / Humic Acid is one of the answers that we can apply during these rough growing / drought conditions. Here are just a few advantages of Humates / Humic Acid.

  • Adding Organic Matter to the Soil
  • Increased Root Strength and Nutrient Uptake
  • Better Fertilization Retention
  • Reduced Water Usage by Holding Moisture in the Soil
  • Increased Thatch Breakdown
  • Increased Seed Germination
  • Breaking up of Tight Clay Soils
  • Improves Soil Structure, Clay Soils become Looser
  • Sandy Soils Show improved Water Retention
  • Improves Soil PH Reduces Acidity
  • No Increased Frequency of Mowing
  • Makes your Plant Less Susceptible to Stress

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Noxious Weed Control

$88 average cost

These treatments are designed to treat noxious weeds in your landscape such as Thistle, Knapweed, Myrtle Spurge and Common Mullein. All noxious weeds in your landscape should be controlled to prevent invasive contamination. This picture is Knapweed which is becoming more and more widespread in our area. For more information, please contact our office. An excellent site to visit with a great deal of information is Colorado Weed Management Association at

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We offer more lawn and tree care services to our customers. If you do not see the service you are looking for, please give us a call (719) 494-8444

Tree Care

Tree and Shrub Fertilization

$83 average cost

Fertilization of your ornamental plants and trees increases the overall health and appearance of your landscape. This fertization is a special blend of both macro and micro nutrients. These nutrients increase plant growth such as buds, foilage and blossoms. Our fertilizers are mixed daily to meet the needs of our Colorado Springs and Tri lakes tree care landscapes.

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General Insect and Disease Control

$78 average cost

General Insect Control is for the control of plant damaging insects that feed on your foliage or destroy the leaves/needles by drawing out the plant's fluids. Our most common insects such as aphids (picture) and mites are controlled with this application. Disease Control will treat many different diseases including fireblight, leaf spot and dutch elm disease.

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Disease Control Only

$68 average cost

Disease control fungicides may be required to protect your trees and shrubs from certain conditions such as fireblight, ink spot (picture) and dutch elm disease. Keep in mind that our general insect and disease treatments include fungicides.

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Spring and Fall Dormant Oils

$73 average cost

Spring and Fall Dormant oils are applied to control the over wintering life cycle stage of certain insects and mites. Scale (picture) is the most common insect that is targeted with dormant oils.

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Ips and Mountain Pine Beetle Control

$159 average cost

Our Colorado Springs and Tri Lakes landscapes should be treated annually. Mountain Pine Beetle and Ips Beetle Control are preventative treatments for both beetles. We apply the treatment to the bark of the tree to prevent boring from these beetles. Average customer pricing varies depending on the number and size of your trees. In the picture you will notice the common pitch tubes that will occur after a tree has been invaded by the beetle.

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Emerald Ash Borer Control

$18 per tree average cost

Emerald Ash Borer Control is also a preventative treatment for Ash borer. We soak the bark to control the beetle upon entering/invading the tree. In the picture you will see the damage from this beetle.

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Poplar Borer Control

$12 per tree average cost

Poplar Borer Control is also a preventative treatment for Poplar Borer. We soak the bark of the tree to control the borer upon entering/invading the tree. This borer has increased activity in the past few years in our Colorado Springs and Tri Lakes landscapes. In this picture you will see an Aspen that has Poplar Borer damage.

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Cooley Spruce Gall and White Pine Weevil

$64.00 average cost

Cooley Spruce Gall and White Pine Weevil treatments are applied in late April to early May. Depending on the weather, they may start earlier or run later. These insects damage your spruce and fir trees. The Cooley Spruce Gall kills the terminal growth while the White Pine Weevil attacks the top leader of the tree (picture). These insects are easily controlled with our products.

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Emerald Ash Borer Treatment

$72.00 average cost

Emerald Ash Borer has been identified in Colorado. It is just a matter of time before it shows up in our Tri Lakes / Colorado Springs area. This borer is devastating to ash trees. To prevent severe loss to our ash trees. We need to apply a preventative treatment.

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We offer more lawn and tree care services to our customers. If you do not see the service you are looking for, please give us a call (719) 494-8444

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