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My lawn has never looked better. I was at the point of getting sod bids when you stopped by and said you could get it back in shape. You not only saved me thousands of dollars but my lawn is gorgeous. Thank you, thank you.

Bob L.

I was skeptical about using another lawn and tree care company. You guys have brought my trees back and I cannot thank you enough. My neighbor will be calling you next year.

M. Adkins
Colorado Springs

Curb Appeal, Your employees are a delight to be around. Very professional and curtious. My lawn has never looked better. Thank you so much.

J. Thompson
Colorado Springs


Thank you for the service this past year. My lawn looked great all year. See you next year.

M. Fischer

I just wanted to thank you for the job you did. Your crew was a delight to be around. I do appreciate it.

J. Schwer

I wanted to let you know that we own a small business and I know how hard it is to keep up with your customers. I wanted you to know I am very impressed by the service, field personnal and office personnel. You all have been timely, polite and very helpful. Thanks so much!

Sherry T.

Thank you for all your efforts! I have the best looking lawn on the street and we are watering strictly according to the city requirements.

Brent H.
Colorado Springs

You guys are simply "THE BEST". Thank you for making my lawn look so wonderful.

Nancy V.
Colorado Springs

I have used both Tru Green and Lawn Doctor in the past. You guys are heads and shoulders above them. Exceptional customer service and very professional. My property has never looked better. I also want to thank you for not calling every week to sale me something extra. The only time I hear from you is to inform me your coming and to unlock the gate. Im paying less money per year and my property has never looked better. Thank you so much.

Mary D.

Thank you for making my property look so great. You guys are outstanding.

Jason D.
Palmer Lake

I was a little apprehensive about having you apply the wetting agent you recommended. I cant tell you how much it turned my lawn around. I have passed your number to many neighbors and friends. Thank you so much.

Shannon G.
Colorado Springs

Words do not express how very pleased I am. Curb appeal provides outstanding customer service. My trees look great. You are professional, very knowledgeable, and all around exceptional. Your employees are very polite and professional. I wish all companies had employees that exceed in customer service like Curb Appeal. Thank you and keep up the great work.

Carol R.

My landscape has never looked better. My lawn and trees look better now since switching to Curb Appeal than it did before we had watering restrictions. Thank you so much.

Linda G.

Our lawn was one of the worst looking properties in our neighborhood. We called many companys and after speaking to all of them we decided on Curb Appeal. They came out and told us all of our problems and how to address them. Many of them by the way we things we could do. Well after just one season, the disease that was in our grass is gone and we have "The Best Looking Lawn" on our street. Thanks Curb Appeal.

John M.
Monument, CO

Britt and his crew could not be more professional and polite. They have turned our property from an eye sore to the nicest landscape on the block. Thank you.

William G.
Colorado Springs

We were very unsatisfied with the company we were using. We had brown areas all over our lawn. Each time a technician came out we would get a conflicting diagnosis. We had completed every service our previous company recommended with no results. We were complaining to a friend that has used Curb Appeal for many years. She has a gorgeous lawn. So we descided to give them a try. I am so glad we did. They came out the next day after requesting an estimate and told us what was wrong with complete confidence. We signed up for service and have never looked back. The fungis was gone in a couple of days and we have been very happy with all aspects of their service. We would recommend them to anyone. Thank you.

John B

Hello Britt and everyone,

A new year is here and warmer weather is really around the corner.

My yard and trees are far ahead of others in the neighborhood and of course people at work have been talking about how hard it is to get their yards to look green and healthy.

As previous years I brag about my yard and the service we use and how intelligent an professional providers are. I had two people ask for your name. I forwarded your website and number and explained that Britt was top notch and without a doubt one of the best companies to deal with in Colorado Springs.

Thanks Curb Appeal

Paul H.

We have worked with the professional staff at Curb Appeal since 2006. Our lawn, shrubs and trees are thriving and healthy thanks to their experise. They are always courteous, professional, and knowledgeable. Their prices are fair and the results are fantastic. Neighbors and friends are always commenting on our yard. We highly recommend them to anyone. Thanks for the great job!!

Shanna C.

If you are looking for a legitimate, hospitable, fair fee for service company for your Lawn and Tree care then this is your company. Credible, hospitable, and very knowledgeable folks who truly care about your investments via service and satisfaction at a more than reasonable and old fashioned price. Quality care for your outdoors, with a smile and professional product, Curb Appeal Lawn and Tree Care sets the standard for the industry... you cannot do it better, price wise, professional wise, and ensure success better that these dedicated heroes - first choice every time, and the price and quality of service and product is unmatched.

James J.
Colorado Springs

We have worked with Britt and his staff at Curb Appeal Lawn and Tree Care for the past ten plus years. The entire staff is well trained in all areas of landscape maintenance and very professional. We use Britt as an important resource as it pertains to tree and shrub insect and disease control. We have used Curb Appeal for lawn and tree care on numerous occasions and have always been extremely pleased with the level of professionalism and quality of work. We look forward to continuing that relationship for many years to come. We would give Curb Appeal Lawn and Tree Care our highest recommendation. We know that they stand behind all their work. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at 719-590-8884.

Gary Shinderle - President
Golf Enviro Systems, Inc.

I have used literally every company in town. Curb Appeal stands alone in professionalism and customer service. Thank you so much for what you do.

Ron B.
Colorado Springs

I have been using Curb Appeal for several years now and have noticed a huge difference in my landscape. Years ago, I did extensive landscaping on my property and added multiple pine, spruce and different varieties of shrubs. I became concerned that the insects, fungus and weed seeds from my neighboring houses would infect my trees and grass. I immediately contacted Curb Appeal to help me keep my property healthy. Everyone who visits my house is impressed. The grass is always thick and lush and the trees seem to grow several feet per year. If I have any questions or concerns, help is a phone call away and the staff at Curb Appeal is very friendly. I plan on using Curb Appeal and find it very cost effective as the cost of replacing one tree covers the cost of my treatment program.

Irene M.

We have been with Curb Appeal for over 11 years. We have never had any concern or question that was not addressed and taken care of. They have kept our lawn and trees in wonderful condition. Their staff is great and the quality of service is superb.

Kim A.
Colorado Springs

If your desire is to have the healthiest, best looking landscape in your community and you have selected Curb Appeal to service your property then you’ve just made the first steps towards that goal. I’ve known Britt for the last six years and know that they will always treat your property like their own. Their professionalism and expertise in being able to prevent and cure what might be ailing your landscape is top notch!

Pat. Blue Ribbon Irrigation, Inc.
Colorado Springs

We are grateful for your ability to keep our trees looking great for so many years we have been in Monument so far. Thanks for the great service.

M. S.

Thank you for many years of great service from your superb staff.

Elana H.
Colorado Springs

We have been clients of Curb Appeal for 11 years. Britt and his staff are very knowledgeable and well trained. They use all products safely and effectively and have kept our lawn, trees and shrubs green and healthy. If anyone wants a service that truly cares about the customer and their needs, we strongly recommend that you call them.

Del V.
Colorado Springs

In over the ten years that Curb Appeal has been working with us, not once have we had to question their competence, integrity or professionalism. Consistent and thorough, this team tackles every project and task with pride and passion. Britt and his staff are the single reason we now have our personal Curb Appeal, which has led to us receiving several lawn awards. To say we are pleased with their work ethic and attention to detail is an understatement. This team has become an integral and essential part of our yearly home maintenance routine. From my point of view, they cannot be compared to other property care companies in our area. They are most definitely and quite simply, "Number One" in the business.

S. D.

The guys are great. If I have a problem, they are here and deal with things in a very professional way.

I am so very pleased with the results.


Curb Appeal Lawn and Tree Care customer service is outstanding. We have used this company for several years and have been very happy with the appearance of the lawn and recommendations for tree care. In addition, the office staff is very attentive to setting appointments around our schedule and are quick to follow-up when we have questions regarding treatments.

Colorado Springs

Curb Appeal is the reason our lawn and yard are beautiful. They are experts in their field and don't mess with anything but how to feed and treat your lawn and greenery. I'd post a photo if Google would let me, but you'll have to take my word for it, our lawn is the envy of the neighborhood. Thank you Curb Appeal!

(EDIT: I figured out how to add a photo:-) The proof is in the pudding...

Colorado Springs

These guys are great ... they service my personal house and all the rental properties that we manage. For all you DIY'ers out there I promise your lawn will never look as good as it does after these guys care/service for it for a year. They do an excellent job!

Colorado Springs

I live in Gleneagle, Colorado and have half acre of land. I've had several companies come out and try to take care of my property and did a horrible job to take care of my lawn and trees. I called Curb Appeal and they exceeded my expectations in every way!!!! My lawn looks the best in the neighborhood.

Colorado Springs

I am totally and completely satisfied with your lawn and tree service. I have been a loyal client for 3 years and have found your service to be of excellent quality. Our lawn looked so good last year that we were chosen Yard of the Month in our subdivision!

When we first started with Curb Appeal our lawn was filled with dandelions and weeds. Now we are almost weed free!! And if I notice any weeds growing, all I have to do is call Jessica and as soon as her scheduling will permit, a specialist is coming to address the issue. Of course, with every spring growing season there are items to be addressed—this year it was a curling leaf problem with some of our trees. The office manager, Jessica sent a specialist trained in this area and now we are working on this situation.

I have found that every person I have come in contact with at Curb Appeal, is friendly, polite, knowledgeable and professional. I also feel that they come as soon as the weather permits; and the rates they charge are reasonable and produce great results!

Thank you for doing a great job!


I have been a customer with Curb Appeal for the past 2 years. In that time, I have had nothing short of great service. They are professional, timely and knowledgeable in their specialties. Their Office staff is intelligent, responsive to my concerns and enjoyable to talk to. Their technicians are thorough, courteous and take the time to answer any questions or concerns I may have.

I have grown to trust their expertise and skill in knowing what is in the best interest to the health of my lawn and trees and appreciate them taking care in only treating them when the conditions and timing is optimal.

My property has never looked better or been healthier and I won’t ever use another company again!


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Curb Appeal Lawn and Tree Care customer service is outstanding. We have used this company for several years ...

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